Historic Trinity
Wood Carving in Historic Trinity included in Booklet 4

Historic Trinity Architecture
In Picture and Detail

A series of booklets was published by Dr. David Eberhard for the 150th church anniversary in the year 2000. These booklets document and describe all the artifacts, symbols and furnishings of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church of Detroit, Michigan. They include full color pictures, and interpretation of each symbol. The booklets are 8 by 11 inches in size and are printed in full color

When he was head pastor of Historic Trinity, Rev. Dr. David Eberhard, started a renovation project of the church in 1985, and worked tirelessly to preserve and to refurbish the many artifacts of this beautiful cathedral-like church, that was built in 1930; he developed plans and raised the necessary funds to renovate the church building and its contents, to preserve their beauty and functionality for generations to come.

Photography and compiling for booklets 1 through 7 was done by Fred Hoeper; Booklet 8 was done by Werner Stuecher. Booklet 9 was also compiled by Dr. Eberhard.

The first eight booklets present detail images of the stained glass windows or various artifacts. The ninth book presents an concise overall narrative of the stained glass windows, artifacts, and art work and includes smaller images of most items.

You may order the following booklets on line through our secure server: (Cost plus shipping and handling $7.00 each). Click on the name of each booklet for a description and sample of the images included.

  1. Historic Trinity's Stained Glass Windows - Emblems and Icons
    34 pages - $25.00

  2. Historic Trinity's Stained Glass Windows - Ascension and Resurrection
    50 pages - $25.00

  3. Historic Trinity's Stained Glass Windows - The Old and New Testaments
    60 pages - $25.00

  4. Historic Trinity's Wood Carvings
    59 pages - $25.00

  5. Historic Trinity's Stone Carvings
    61 pages - $25.00

  6. Historic Trinity's Ecclesiastical Articles
    48 pages - $25.00

  7. Historic Trinity's Building Artifacts
    72 pages - $25.00

  8. Historic Trinity's Floor Tiles (images by Mr. Werner Stuecher)
    81 pages - $25.00

  9. Concise booklet on all of Historic Trinity's art and artifacts listed above
    (images by Fred Hoeper, Werner Stuecher, and the Cathedral Camera Club)
    155 Pages - $50.00

Our thanks to all who helped in the researching, drafting, photography, etc.:

    Rev. Dr. David Eberhard
    Rev. Jason Menagh
    Dr. Gilbert Otte (via verbal tapes made in 1981)
    The Dau Church History Library
    Dr. Harry Wolf
    Historic Trinity Arts
    The Historic Trinity Cathedral Camera Club (especially Fred Hoeper and Werner Steucher)

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None of the text or photographs contained in these booklets may be copied or reproduced, in part or whole, without prior written permission of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church.

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