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Rocky the Bassett is blessed by Dr. Eberhard and PAWS

Blessing of the Pets

One of the most popular Downtown Worship Services is "The Blessing of the Pets." Pets are indeed a very important part of our lives. Thus, Historic Trinity, located at 1345 Gratiot in downtown Detroit, invited all pet owners to bring their animals to be blessed at "The Blessing of the Pets" on Sunday, October 2, 2016, at the 9:30 and 11:00 services.

Each pet handler received a St. Francis medal to mark this special day. Members of the police or fire K-9 Corps, or of any Police Mounted Division were also invited to bring their animals to a service. Also, we had the Detroit Tiger's mascot present, again this year - so everyone was encouraged to bring a camera!

Follow the link(s) at the bottom of the page, and virtually visit the Blessing of the Pets Service for the year of your choice.

To register your pet(s), please complete the form below prior to September 25, 2016.

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