Historic Trinity
The Columbarium in the Chapel of the Resurrection


The Columbariums of Historic Trinity are located in The Chapel of The Resurrection and the Hayes Memorial Garden of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church. Individuals can either be remembered by name on the memorial plaque or by placing the cremated remains in a bronze columbarium niche.

The Chapel of the Resurrection in the cathedral setting of Historic Trinity Church provides a place of historic integrity, beauty, and tranquility in the midst of a dynamic city and assures a perpetual memory of your loved ones. Additional columbarium niches are also located in the peaceful Hayes Memorial Garden.


The bronze columbarium niches line the walls of the Chapel of the Resurrection and the walls of the Hayes Memorial Garden. Some persons have found cemeteries to be too expensive for burial and too distant for regular visitations. The Chapel of The Resurrection and the Hayes Memorial Garden columbariums are conveniently located for individuals to pay regular visitations of respect for their loved ones. The Cathedrals of Europe and America have always been proper locations for the interment of the dead.


The columbarium niche is a recessed chamber for the permanent placement of the container holding a loved one's cremated remains. The columbarium niches are made from cast bronze and are sealed. Burial urns are not necessary. At the time of committal the niche is sealed and the covering plaque is inscribed with the name and dates of the deceased. No animals are accepted for interment.

Memorial Plaques in the Chapel of the Resurrection


The Chapel of The Resurrection Memorial Plaque offers the opportunity to place the name of a loved one on a bronze plaque mounted to the large permanent memorial plaque. By placing your loved one's name on the plaque all present and future generations will remember them.


Email Historic Trinity for additional information on a niche or plaque.

Some of the Columbarium niches in the Hayes Garden


Cremation is acceptable to the followers of most faiths. As for Christians, the care for our physical remains is usually a matter of preference. St. Paul speaks of the Resurrection in Corinthians 15: "So it is with the Resurrection of the dead. What is sown is perishable, what is raised is imperishable... It is sown a physical body, it is raised a spiritual body... I tell you this, brethren: flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable." Many martyrs perished by fire in the earlier days of the church and no Christian doubted the ability of God to raise their spiritual body. Neither divine precept nor natural law forbids the reverent cremation of human remains. The Church does insist that remains of Christians be reverently laid to rest in a hallowed place and this, of course, precludes the pagan custom of "scattering ashes". What better way to care for cremated remains of a loved one than to secure the loving care and integration into the ongoing life of the church provided in The Chapel of The Resurrection and The Hayes Memorial Garden.

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