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Dr. Eberhard makes sure everything is perfect on two of his dollhouses before 'Christmas at Historic Tirnity' Begins


In Memoriam of former Pastor Rev. Dr. David Eberhard
January 1, 1934 - May 10, 2016. May he rest from his labors.

For many years, our former pastor, Rev. Dr. David Eberhard had a hobby of building miniature dollhouses and shadowboxes that were on display only during "Christmas at Historic Trinity." The Eberhard room, two rooms, was built to display these dollhouses and shadowboxes all year long as an added attraction for those touring Historic Trinity. The display cases were designed and built by Ralph Rode.

David Eberhard served as a City of Detroit Councilman for 24 years (1970 -1994). The Eberhard Room also displays photos and items from those political years, as well as photos of his family.

Dr. Eberhard began building the dollhouses and shadow boxes in 1984. He started with a basic kit of a house and then altered it and added to it to come up with a specific house. The exterior, interior, and floor of each house is different. The furniture, display items, and figures are a combination of items he has made and items he has collected from all over the world. Individuals have gifted to him various items that are included in the houses. Each house or shadow boxes include miniature photos of group and individual photographs of his family. Some house are lighted with "doll house" miniature lighting and supplemented with larger bulb lighting designed and installed by Dr. Eberhard. This larger lighting provides greater lighting for the display of each room or box. Most houses or boxes have a theme or contain miniature dolls or characters to add interest to the exhibit. He builds these homes and boxes more for entertainment and pleasure rather than for artistic or craft perfection. Dr. Eberhard did these as a hobby, and did not build houses or boxes for sale, nor did he repair others dollhouses. This was a recreation not an avocation.

The display includes these dollhouses and shadow boxes:


  • Old-fashioned classroom
  • Students getting ready for Halloween

    Antique Shop

  • A shadowbox stuffed full of antiques

    Angel House

    See angels at work
  • making rainbows with pot of gold
  • Manufacturing wings
  • Guardian over babies
  • Sea-faring angels
  • Assemblage of angels
  • Swiss Guards from the Vatican

    Traditional House

    An old fashioned traditional house
  • Like grandma's old house
  • Lighthouse

  • Lighthouse with items from throughout the world (Spain, Monaco, Rome, Caribbean, US)
  • Frogs and turtles, etc. in surrounding water
  • Victoriana House

  • A classic Victoriana house
  • English items from London and Windsor Castle
  • Chucked full with Disney characters
  • Flower Shop

  • A shadowbox flower shop
  • Handmade flowers from various medium
  • Old Fashioned Living Room

  • A shadowbox of an old fashioned living room with items from Boston and Williamsburg
  • Detroit House

  • An early century Detroit house
  • With Coleman Young's photo
  • Slot machines
  • Protestors on the front porch
  • Western House

  • A western house straight out of the west
  • With items from western states of the US
  • Western American Indians miniatures
  • Christmas House

  • A charming small Christmas House
  • With Santa and his elves busy at work
  • Lots of toys and Christmas items
  • Halloween House

  • A real haunting Halloween house
  • Full of ghosts and their friends
  • Bunny House

  • A colorful house filled with bunnies galore
  • Caribbean Beach House
  • A beach house on stilts
  • Full of items from the Caribbean area
  • Church

  • A small old fashioned church
  • Lots of folks celebrating Easter service
  • Kentucky Plantation Home

  • See the Kentucky Colonel setting on the porch
  • Delightful rooms from that era
  • Modern Home

  • A fascinating modern home
  • Unusual in design, fine exterior porch
  • Row Shops

  • Three shadow boxes resembling an old fashion street
  • Toy shop, holiday shop, country store

    Eb's Antique Shop and Caribbean Museum

  • The first floor shop has a collection of antique items
  • Kentucky Derby items
  • Second floor are items of the southern Caribbean islands
  • And Grandpa's office
  • Hannah's Log Cabin

  • An all log, log cabin
  • Displaying old and fine items
  • Rector's House

  • An English Manor house
  • Residence and class rooms for the priests
  • Newspaper announces arrival of the Pope
  • New England Beach House

  • Just like many of the New England Beach houses
  • See the mermaid and the many children at play
  • Country Store

  • One of the finest country store displays
  • So full of items, it's hard to see it all in one visit
  • Attorney's office on the second floor
  • Please join us for a Virtual Tour of the Eberhard Room

    Rev. Dr. David Eberhard
    was laid to rest at Historic Trinity May 14, 2016, and we praised the Lord for His faithfulness to this His servant. Please keep the Eberhard family in your prayers. To view the funeral and celebration of his life, click here. Memorials are requested to Historic Trinity.

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