Historic Trinity
The placque showing that Historic Trinity is a designated Historical site.  Photo by F. Hoeper


Historic Trinity Lutheran Church - its birth and growth
A summary of the beginning of the Mother Lutheran Church of Detroit, how it began, its many ministries, then and now.

Lutherans in Michigan and Detroit.
Where did they come from, and why did they come here?

Dau Church History Library
Find out how you can learn about the history of past and present parishes in the city of Detroit. We do not have the resources to do geneology research .

Historic Trinity Lutheran Church - A Timeline.
Trace the growth and ministry of the Mother Lutheran Church of Detroit by date.

Downtown Historic Churches Association. Follow this link to learn about this group meeting regularly to provide opportunities for us to see and preserve the downtown historic churches.

See the beautiful 2005 Restoration in Progress as it happened during our 155th Anniversary year. Look at the magnificent images of the artisans at work restoring Historic Trinity.

Historic Trinity Architecture and Artifacts Booklets give you detailed pictures and historical documentation on the architecture and artifacts of the Cathedral. You may also purchase the booklets.

This Month in Lutheran History.
Follow this link to gain more insight into events in Lutheran History for the current month documented by Concordia Historical Institute.

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