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LAW - Lutheran Attorneys in Witness

The Historic Trinity LAW - Lutheran Attorneys in Witness - is made up of Lutheran Attorneys and Judges who are networking together in service to the church at large. LAW offers a pro-bono 911 response team service to Lutheran parishes, schools, agencies, and district or circuit officials of all synods. The Honorable James Garber, chaprperson of LAW, said, "This service allows intervention at an early stage of a conflict, is less formal than an "official" intervention, and it designates a qualified, trained person who acts as the intake point for contacts, and that person can make a quick evaluation of the situation."

Lutheran Attorney Reference List

Looking for an attorney? Historic Trinity Lutheran Attorneys In Witness group is putting together a Lutheran Attorney Reference List that will be made available to all congregations in Southeast Michigan. All Lutheran Attorneys are invited to be a part of this listing. Please submit your information to Historic Trinity.

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