Historic Trinity
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Prayer is expressing to God your gratitude for what you have received, seeking his guidance for your life, and requesting special gifts and assistance for yourself or for others.

Prayer not only honors God, but it can bring you in closer harmony with him and his plan for your life, as well as supply you certain blessings which God intends for you only if you ask for them.

True prayer takes advantage of the fact that through the cleansing power of Jesus Christ you have been elevated to the status of God's dear child who now can address him as your Father. Whether you articulate this by using Jesus' name or whether you only refer to it in your thoughts, your reliance on your Savior Jesus Christ assures you that your Father hears your prayers.

Prayer Requests gives you an opportunity to submit a prayer request which will be included in our prayer chain.

How To Pray tells us formal and informal ways to pray.

The Lord's Prayer is beautifully presented here.

Common Prayers displays common prayers for various situations.

Online Devotions provides online prayer resources for individuals of all ages and is updated regularly.

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