Historic Trinity


Historic Trinity Lutheran Church, the Mother Church of Detroit Lutheranism and our Lutheran Cathedral in downtown Detroit since 1850. Historic Trinity Cathedral is an ecclesiastical, cultural, community resource and gathering place for Metro Detroit. Historic Trinity is a National, State, and Local, historical designated site.

Historic Trinity provides secure and lighted off street parking, easy access being two blocks from I-75 Exit 31b, air-conditioned facilities, and complete handicap accessibility.

Historic Trinity Lutheran Church Cathedral in downtown Detroit is one of a kind. The uniqueness of its downtown location, facilities, programs, and worship services distinguishes it from all other parishes.

Uniqueness- you can only find at Historic Trinity:

  1. Historical site - National, State, and Local designation
  2. The "Mother Church" of Detroit Lutheranism
  3. Our Lutheran Cathedral in downtown Detroit
  4. Its Architecture - one of the most significant churches in North America
  5. Historic Trinity offers special service to people:
    • Looking for "special church services"
    • Looking for traditional worship services
    • Wanting "churchy" information
    • Wanting a place to meet in a cathedral setting
    • Celebrating a traditional "Christmas" or "Easter"
    - they automatically think of Historic Trinity
  6. The Cathedral Ministry Pastors - seven (7) pastors at Historic Trinity
    • Provide collective leadership in worship services
    • Provide inspiring sermons
    • Provide a variety of Bible studies, classes, and seminars
  7. Its Cathedral Ministry
    • The site is a major resource, referral, and gathering place for Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan
    • it is available to everyone - not a "club house" just for members
  8. On-site catering service

Resources You Can Only Find at Historic Trinity

  1. On site catering service
    • Information on ecclesiastical art
    • Support and promotion of religious art
    • Concerts, plays, dramas, exhibits
  2. Church History
  3. Senior Citizen Outreach
    • Hi-rise Seniors
    • Seminars for Seniors
  4. Detroit Historic Churches Association
    • coordinated and sponsored by Historic Trinity

Referral information you can only find at Historic Trinity

  1. Lutheran Doctors and Dentists
  2. Lutheran Attorneys in Witness
  3. Lutheran Financial Professionals
    • "Series on endowments, wills, church finances
  4. Lutheran Veterans
    • Lutheran Veterans Hallway
    • Lutheran Veterans Worship Services
  5. Lutheran Skilled Trades Persons
  6. Lutheran Red & Blue Line
    • Parish Security Evaluation
  7. Lutheran Educators

Gathering Place - you can only find at Historic Trinity

  1. Special Downtown Worship
  2. Downtown Lutheran Services with Guest Pastors and Choirs
  3. Traditional Worship Services
  4. Dramas
  5. Meetings, Lunches, Dinners, Pre-Events, Afterglows, Worship
    • Historic Trinity caterers are available
    • Historic Trinity sets up and takes down for the event
    • Secure Parking and Lighting
    • Air Conditioning
    • Handicap Accessible
  6. Users
    • Lutheran Luncheon Club
    • Valpo Guild
    • Lutheran High School Association
    • L.W.M.L.
    • Child and Family Services
    • Corporate Meetings and Meals
    • Community Meetings
  7. Christmas at Historic Trinity
    • From Thanksgiving through Epiphany 20,000+ people come to Historic Trinity
    • Christmas decorations, creches, angels throughout
    • Services, Tours, Concerts, Plays Dinners
  8. "Journey Home to Historic Trinity" events
  9. Historic Trinity Columbariums
    • The Columbariums of Historic Trinity are located in
      • The Chapel of the Resurrection
      • The Hayes Garden

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Historic Trinity Lutheran Church
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Detroit, Michigan 48207
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